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This is a dedicated website to download 9Apps APK for Android and that too latest version, let’s look more to get more details on 9Apps Download with the official link.

Today I have come with not only an app, but it is a collection of millions of the apps. Yes, today I am going to talk about the 9Apps Download for Android. 9Apps is an Android App store which contains apps from different categories. Although, there is official app store is for Android apps called the Google’s Play Store but still 9Apps is better than Play store in many areas.

Here I am not going to compare Google’s Play store and 9Apps, but I will give you a detailed guide to download 9Apps APK on Android smartphones.

I am going tell you about features, downloading process, alternatives to this app, in short, a very detailed description of the 9Apps for Android. This is the best application that allows the user to download Android app from thousands of different categories for free.

Let’s talk about everything related to this app only and how you can get 9Apps download for Android & iPhone.

9Apps Download App Details
Download Size 2.3 MB
Available On 9appsdownloadi.com
Features of App: More than 1 Million Apps available
Available for: Android 4.0+
Latest Update 21st Feb 2017

We should get into the details about this app first which will inform you what it is and what exactly it does. I’ll also talk about why this app is better than other platforms and where exactly it lacks behind. So, a lot of details is going to be covered here which is all going to help you.


Note: We never host any file on our website or server we just link to official website after reviewing the application. Further, we use extra security to protect our user’s privacy as we have installed 128-bit SSL Security feature on our site which will keep you safe from unwanted malicious things.

Also, we caution you not to install any app from the unofficial website or unknown sources as it will surely harm your smartphone.

Download 9Apps APK for Android (Official):

For 9Apps Download does not require so many spaces on your Android phone. This process will be finished in a blink of an eye. But before explaining the method, Let me give some more information about 9Apps for Android so that you will better understand why you are downloading this 9Apps APK.

This application is similar to Google’s Play store but with more features and facilities. You can download any app from 9Apps Android faster than Google’s Play store.

Official Link is here.

Now let me allow you to show the method for 9Apps download on your Android mobile. There are two methods to download this app for the Android mobile. I will show you how to install 9Apps with the help of APK file. I have described the downloading method in few steps so; please follow it accordingly. I am sure that you will download 9Apps for Android on your Android mobile.

  • First of all, go to the below link to download 9Apps APK file.
  • Then you will see a red Download button on the top then Click it.
  • After that APK file will be downloaded automatically in your Android mobile.

After doing above process, you have to make some changes in settings of your mobile. Because 9Apps APK has some unknown resources and due to that your phone will not allow to Install it on your phone. So follow the rest of the steps and download this App Store on your Android phone.

9Apps Download

  • Go to the settings panel.
  • Then go to Security and then Enable the Unknown resources. If it is not available in the security group, then check it in Application panel.
  • After making changes, Open and Install that downloaded APK file.
  • It will take few seconds, and it will be ready to use in a couple of minutes.

I hope that you have understood above process to download 9Apps APK. If you couldn’t download this app from above method, then go to Google’s Play Store and search for 9Apps Lite and Install it on your smartphone. Now I will explain how to use this app on Android.

9Apps for Android give you recommendation for the apps according to your interests and choice. You do not need to explore, search and waste your time. 9Apps APK will do it for you and show official recommended apps.

Whether you love to listen to music, playing games, editing photos, social networking, messaging, etc. You do not need to go anywhere to download Android app for these things after once you download 9Apps Android.

9Apps Download App- How to Install Guide:

After downloading this amazing App store, I know you are excited to know how to use it on your Android smartphone. It has a very simple but eye-catching user interface and easy for using.

First of all, you will see many favorite apps on your home screen. Now if you want to download any app from the just simple tap on the download button and that app will be downloaded in few second on your phone.

9Apps Free Download

Download 9Apps APK from the above link and then read further to Install it on the Android smartphone. Since it is third party app so, you can not directly Install like other Android App. Before installing the 9Apps App, the user has to follow a simple procedure. In that procedure, the user has to change the settings of the mobile phone as I have shown here.

  • Go to Settings panel of your Android Smartphone.
  • Then go to Security and then enable the Unknown Sources.

After applying above steps Open that 9Apps APK file and then Install it on your Android smartphone. I hope you will not face any problem here. So download and enjoy tons of Apps, Games, Ringtones for the free of cost.

9Apps Download App is very easy to install from the internet. I have mentioned 9Apps App download for Android, and I am sure that you have Installed it on your Android. But still, I have already given a brief guide for 9Apps APK App on the Android in the above section. This App is not available on the Play store so have to download it from its official website. This is third party app.

9Apps for Android Review:

Before you make any guesses, 9Apps is an app store platform which is just like Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store. It brings a platform to the users where they all can download apps and games for free and by paying too.

  1. There are no secret things hidden underneath inside this application which makes it totally user-friendly.
  2. All you need to do is to start with the application and learn how to make things working in your case.
  3. In short, it is a platform where the apps and games are available and any user with 9Apps APK installed on the compatible smartphone or tablet, can move ahead and use the facilities offered by the platform to everyone.
  4. The app provides a single platform where the developers can release their applications and games which will be downloaded and installed by thousands of users.
  5. So, 9Apps Download is a platform where hundreds of apps and games are available, and one can easily get them.
  6. Most of the games and apps are available for free, but that’s not the story all the time. You need to pay for the good games and apps.
  7. The developers behind the app are working day and night to keep things secure and safe.
  8. The platform needs to be cleaned every once in a while to ensure that only quality apps and games are available.

Let me ask a different question to you. What is Google Play Store? Or, what is iTunes App Store? If you know the answer to these two questions, then you don’t need to look for the reply to this question here related to the 9Apps.

Download 9Apps

Which is better? 9Apps or Play Store:

The main feature of 9Apps is to allow the other users to install apps for free. As soon as your installation get completed, you will see it on the home screen.

Well, to be frank, 9Apps APK is not the only app which offers this concept and such a platform with tons of free apps and games. However, it is a recognized one which brings a trust factor among users, and it is crucial in the long run.

In the case of an Android device, you don’t even need a platform or app store to download apps and games. This is because one can easily get it from APK file format from any source over the internet and then use the same APK file to spread the app or game via file sharing tools.

But these platforms come very handily in platforms like Windows Phone and iOS. So, the 9Apps Download App platform is better, and one good reason to move ahead with it is that they offer plenty of apps and games which are not available elsewhere.

Additionally, you get better deals on paid apps and games which can help you save a lot of money if you buy a lot of apps and games every month!

You will see Download icon and like button at the top-right corner of the app and below there is a search bar for searching the apps games, ringtones, icon, etc. Then next you can see three icons the icon for the Home screen the middle on is for Android games and the rightmost icon is for Games.

How to use 9Apps APK on Android?

This is the Android app store which contains many Apps, Games, wallpapers, ringtones, etc. all things fro free. I will guide you to how to use 9Apps Download and how to use it.

But if you want your favorite app, and it is not shown on that list, then there is search bar available on the top bar for you. You can type the keyword of the app which you want to install, and 9Apps for Android will show you the most specific and accurate results. So now you can download any suitable app from there.

You also can search apps according to a category like Tools, Media & Video, Social, Communication, and more. This is one of the best App stores for Android Apps.

Now if the user wants to download any app, then he can download from the home page of 9Apps. If that app is not available on the Home screen, then he or she can search in the Android Apps category.

9Apps Download App

If the user finds the correct result, then tap on the app. After that for downloading that app tap on the Green download button. So that the will be Installed on your smartphone.

Features of 9Apps Android:

As I mentioned earlier, 9Apps for Android is becoming more popular App store and providing most of the Android apps. I will tell you about its features which make worth downloading this app. I have listed some the features of this excellent app which is bug-free, safe and secure to download.

Also, 9Apps download App is also useful for developers because It allows the developers to test their newly developed Android App before publishing on the Internet for Android users. So if there is a bug or any modification need, then they can do it. Here the user needs to download 9Apps APK to install it.

  1. Available quickly and for free.
  2. 9Apps Android allow downloading millions of the apps available on it.
  3. Apps are available in different categories like Tools, Social, Media & Videos, Communication and more.
  4. All the apps are available for free, safe and developed by trusted supplier.
  5. One more interesting feature is that 9Apps shows specific and correct apps according to our choice.

So these were some highlighted and important features of 9App download. So according to me, you should download this amazing App store and fill your phone with different colorful and useful Android apps. I am done with the features section and let’s move further in the article.

Download 9Apps for iPhone:

Out of all the apps available out there which works as a platform from where users can download other apps and games, 9Apps is one of my favorites. It’s a quick growing platform which has managed to grab thousands of user’s attention, and it is still growing fast. But I am feeling sad to say that this particular app is not available for iPhone or iOS users.

This particular section will guide you to get 9Apps Download App for iPhone and how to use 9Apps app on an iOS device. To make it happen, we have to wait for the official launch of the app for the platform to happen.

Yes, at this time, the 9Apps app is not available on the iOS platform. So, there is no way you can make it possible.

Now, you can either look for alternatives of 9Apps for iPhone platform, or you can wait for the official developers to come up with a working solution. I contacted the official member of this app, and they ensured us that they are already working on this and soon iOS users will also enjoy 9Apps iOS App without any issues.

I would recommend to all the iOS users to stick with official iTunes app as it’s the best thing which you can use and enjoy.

9Apps for Android

Best 9Apps Alternatives for Android:

Fortunately, 9Apps is not the only application which offers these features as there are many options available. In this section, we will be looking at the best similar apps like 9Apps which you can move ahead with. You are free to choose any of the alternative apps which you like to use.

#1 Google Play Store

Nothing can beat the Google Play Store as the app store platform as it is directly controlled by the Google itself and almost, every Android device comes preloaded with it.

It has millions of apps and games available inside, and the number is not only growing, but the quality of apps and games are getting better with every new update. This is the official alternative of 9Apps APK Download.

The security part is controlled by the Google itself, and there are very rare chances that you get an infected app or game from this store. If we talk in a sense, there are no alternative to Google Play store when it comes to Android platform, and nothing can ever beat the quality curated by it.

#2 AppBrain

Another platform which provides APK files of the apps and games and you can check out it by yourself to decide if it is better than 9Apps or not. For me, it is very close!

#3 Amazon Appstore

As the name suggests, it’s an app store where you can find apps and games. The platform is controlled and managed by the Amazon itself. So, it is again, all safe and secure.

If you are from the United States then you will surely like this app store as you can also use your Amazon iTunes Gift Card to purchase the Android as well as iPhone apps, but if you are from India or Indonesia then you are not going to enjoy this option.

#4 1Mobile

1Mobile is a very old platform, and it has been providing quality apps and games to the Android devices for years. It is not a new name, at all, and thus, you can easily trust it. If you don’t like 9Apps, then you will not like this application. Also, that’s my personal experience.

#5 GetJar

GetJar is a platform which has been providing apps and games to the Nokia users and then to every Java driven mobile phone. The same platform is actively offering apps and games for Android platform too.

Let me tell you very personally that I don’t like using GetJar as we don’t get many updates while using it; it was officially developed to share .jar apps but gone are those days, and this site is not at all useful for Android users.

Final Words:

In the end, I will give you an idea about some of the alternatives of 9Apps download for Android. The main alternative option is Google’s Play store, and it is officially developed by Google.

All of us download any official Android app from Play Store, and we all know it has many free apps and also premium and paid apps too. Apart from this, there are Mobile9, ApkMirror, ApkMarket, Amazon app store and many other Apps store are available on the Internet.

9Apps APK

Conclusion on 9Apps:

Sometimes you can not find some apps in the Google’s Play store, and you want to download it on your Android Phone. So at that time, 9Apps download will help you to Install these types of apps.

There are so many Android users who are using this App store on their mobile along with Play store. You can also become one of them, and for that, you just need to follow the guidelines to download 9Apps APK which are given here and then you can enjoy many apps on your smartphone for free.

All done! It was one-time solution you were looking at, and I hope this guide covered everything you needed to know. If you find any issues or errors, then let me know them in the discussion section below. I’ll come up with a solution to fix it or will recommend a better option.

Now is the time for you to go ahead and share this guide with all your friends online so that they all can know about its existence. Time for you to start with the 9Apps store and find out new apps and games to spend time with. Peace!

I hope that you have enjoyed this post about 9Apps Download for Android, which gives you detailed information about how to download 9Apps APK on Android. If you have any question or doubt, then tell me. My team and I will try to solve it as soon as possible and please continue to visit our site.